Bulk Pumping Module BPM

The Bulk Pumping Module BPM is the newest Chemical Delivery System from IDI-CYBOR using the latest in software control technology.

The BPM is engineered to deliver a variety of chemicals from bulk sources to multiple points of use.

Available with:

  • Single Drum Storage
  • Dual Drum Storage

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Automatic Source Switching

Switching between supply tanks and optional dual pump redundancy provides a virtually uninterrupted supply of chemical. The IDI-CYBOR Bulk Pumping Modules are available in a variety of plastics for compatibility with Acid and Caustic chemicals. The stainless steel system for solvents provides the ultimate in safety.

Dual Diaphragm

The air operated dual diaphragm pumps are available in a variety of wetted surface materials and capacities to match the needs of each installation. Specific brands of pumps can be supplied to minimize the number of spare parts required by the customer.

Bulk Pumping Modules

Bulk Pumping Modules can be ordered with a sample station for in situ chemical monitoring. A variety of filter options are available to meet customer requirements. The N2 and DIW flushing modes enable users to thoroughly purge the system of contaminants introduced during maintenance or filter changes.

Fully automated control of the Bulk Pumping Module provides continuous operation to the point of use.

Networking capabilities are also available. IDI-CYBOR can integrate numerous types of communication signals using serial or Ethernet protocols for Turn Key and CMS/ SCADA systems.

Construction Features

  • Stainless Steel Modules feature all welded cabinet construction for maximum leak integrity
  • 304 Stainless Steel tubing and compression tube fittings for leak free operation are standard for the solvent configuration
  • Polypropylene wetted area modules are welded and tested for leak integrity

Optional Features

  • Air operated dual diaphragm pumps are available with up to 25 GPM flow rates
  • Orbital welded tubing and fittings on all internal connections
  • Dual Containment fittings on all source and output lines
  • DIW and N2 Flush for all process lines
  • DIW spray gun
  • Sample station
  • Source containers from 1gallon to Day Tanks
  • Source switching
  • FM4910 materials available
  • Teflon, PFA tubing and fittings (for compatibility with chemistries sensitive to metals)

Optional Specs

  • Semi E49, High Purity
  • Semi S1, Visual Hazard
  • Semi S2, Health and Safety
  • Semi S8 Ergonomic Eng.
  • NPFA 30
  • CE
  • UFC

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