Chemical Blending

Acid Blending

  • High purity all PFA design, Some Options Include: Pillar, Primelock or SMC Insert fittings for a leak proof design

Developer Blending

  • Designed for a range of concentrations, different metrology (sensors) can be used to achieve the best accuracy for the specification

Slurry Blending

  • Targeted to meet different needs and provide the greatest tool reliability

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Blending Methods

  • Batch Blending
  • Blending smaller amounts and less waste
  • Inline Blending
  • Blending large amounts, some chemical goes to drain until established
  • Point of Use Blending

Commonly Blended Chemicals

Class Description
TMAH 2.38 wt.% (~ 10:1)
HF 0.1 to 5.0 wt.% (10:1 to 500:1)
NH4OH 1.5% to 2.0 wt.% (12:1 to 17:1)
Post-CMP Cleans 1:1 to 50:1 dilutions
BTA 0.02 to 0.06 wt.% (~ 30:1)


IDI can accommodate many different Metrology Sensors depending on the Accuracy required and best method to use per application.

Metrology Typical Applications Relative Cost
Conductivity HF, NH4OH, post-CMP cleans Low
PH Slurries, post-CMP cleans Low
Density Slurries Medium
Refractometer H2O2 High
Titration TMAH, H2O2 in slurries High

Slurry Blending and Delivery

  • CMP is a challenging operation, but with over 15 years of slurry experience we can tailor a unit to fit your CMP requirements
  • At IDI we realize that Slurry equipment requirements are based on both the process requirements and the slurry characteristics
  • IDI builds custom equipment to address the needs of both the customer and the chemical

IDI’s SPU (Slurry Process Unit) is designed with the flexibility to meet your process requirements, as well as providing the best mix of:

Modular SPU's

  • Our Modular SPU’s have the unique ability to provide our customers with a flexible array of configuration options. The SPU is divided into two parts:
    • SDU (Slurry Delivery Unit)
    • SBU (Slurry Blending Unit)

All units can be configured to operate as stand-alone systems or together as one complete unit.


IDI believes in simple flow path enables consistent process performance also user-friendly controls also the customer to easily manage the system to adapt to their needs, all this results in a reliable unit using known components.

  • MTBF > 4500Hours
  • MTBA > 2500Hours
  • MTTR < 2Hours

Slurry Blending is generally the same as Acid or Developer blending, with the exception of searing and separation.

IDI’s team of engineers know and understand how to keep slurry together and moving with custom software to keep the slurry suspended while being able to blend another batch, always staying on top of your chemical demands.

Standard Features include:

  • Levitronix Pumps
  • Gemu Valves
  • PLC control system including touchscreen for operator controls
  • Maintenance diagnostics with local data logs and status menus
  • User configurable recipe storage capability
  • User Programmable Periodic recirculation of concentrated chemical and/or slurry