• Chemical Delivery Modules

    Engineered to deliver a variety of chemicals from bulk sources to multiple points of use.

    • Standalone bulk pumper
    • Bulk pumper with single drum storage system
    • Bulk pumper with dual drum storage system

  • Mobile Chemical Delivery Carts

    Mobile carts can be custom configured with some of these options, but are not limited to these.

    • On board tank
    • Multi drum support
    • Pumps
    • Flow Controls

  • Chemical Blending

    IDI can accommodate many different Metrology Sensors.

    • Acid Blending
    • Developer Blending
    • Slurry Blending

  • Systems Remanufacturing

    IDI-CYBOR can provide retrofits and upgrades to existing chemical management systems.

    • Repair
    • Repurposing
    • Remanufacturing

  • Headcase Replacements

    Control system replacements for most obsolete systems.

  • Valve Manifold Boxes

    Valve boxes can be built for Solvents (SS), Corrosives (poly pro), or any other materials specified by a customer.

    • Standard VMB's
    • Smart VMB's

  • Chemical Storage Systems

    Modular design allows for unlimited configurations to support todays as well as future Photo Chemical requirements.

  • Waste Evacuation Systems

    Custom designs available to meet your application.

  • Tool Upgrades

    IDI can add controllers on most pieces of equipment to provide added features and make the user interface easier.

  • Custom Install

    Turn key solutions for any custom fluid movement project.

IDI- Cybor