Valve Manifold Boxes

Valve boxes can be built for Solvents (SS), Corrosives (poly pro), or any other materials specified by a customer. Valve Boxes also can be configured as Smart VMB’s with PLC’s or they can be Relay controlled.

All VMB’s have a manual and air operated Valve Configuration with a purge port between them.

All Valve Boxes are designed to be easily daisy chained together.

Can have a single controller control multiple VMB’s (if in the same Area)

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Standard VMB's

  • Standard VMB’s don’t have a PLC. They are relay driven and use multiple wires to send signals back to the Bulk supply unit
  • No ability to see the BPM status
  • No dispense logs

Smart VMB's

  • Smart VMB's have a PLC with a direct connection to the Bulk supply unit using a single Ethernet connection
  • Provides the user with the capability to see the BPM operation and alarm status from the VMB
  • Gives equipment and facilities personnel the ability to monitor dispense logs for each individual tool and see time stamps for on and off